Diary of a Princess- Seventeen♛

There was always something special about seventeen. Something about it screamed at me. When I think about it, I see a carnival. The bright lights, the endless twirling, and the atmosphere of it all. The genuine happiness. I think of late night walks, performing for a small crowd, bookstores, coffeehouses, tea parties, movie marathons, pancake runs, late night drives when the music syncs up with the street lights. Anything and everything that can hold that feeling of pure happiness. Along with anything that breaks my comfort zone. Anything worth remembering. That’s what I’ve always pictured it as. It was never 16, like it is for most girls. 17. 17 is special. 

What’s coming soon for Porcelain Princess:

•”Trend Tracker” (or current state of the union for those who have read The Clique series) will be posted every Friday. I’m hoping to fulfill this commitment and we’ll just see how that goes!(:

•Diary of a Princess has been officially launched! I will be deciding on a schedule soon!

•Male winter look book- coming soon! For those of you who have been asking, yes, there will be a look book for guys. If you are interested in modeling, please contact me asap for details! 

Yours Truly,

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