Diary of a Princess: A Letter

Happy Sunday, lovely little strawberries! 

Chaos (noun); a state of utter confusion or disorder


Chaotic is what this is. That’s what it may feel like. A loss of control or that everything feels out of reach. I assure you, it’s not. Normally you would approach a similar situation differently. So, why now does it feel like the world has been tossed upside down? Good question. Although, you are the only one to answer it. 

Is it your gut or your heart speaking? That’s the tricky part. Trusting your gut is such a scary thing to do. Considering you never know what the outcome may be. But your gut is never wrong. What’s the little voice inside you saying? If you wake up in the middle of the night and something tells you to hold on, hold on. If there’s an undeniable connection that is impossible to push away, don’t push anymore. If you lose your breath in the middle of it all, hold onto that moment. 

The universe speaks to us all in small, seemingly insignificant  ways. Listen closely. It’s not out to get you, but in fact, the opposite. 

A wall can move. You just need to find another approach. 
Yours Truly, 

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