Really Bad Poetic ‘Poems’ 

Remember Me

I remember what it was like
To have you.
The world was a day dream.
I was lifted from the ground
As if I had wings.
I could fly.
I remember the smile you had.
You wore it because of me.
It held within your eyes
And never left.
No words would be spoken.
Just glances.
I remember what it was like.
I drew circles on your skin,
has my touch remained?
I remember what it was like
To feel safe.
To feel secure.
But sometimes
I don’t want to remember.
I build a wall around you.
I push and shove the thought.
But the pull drags me under.
I remember what it was like.
I remember like it was yesterday.
I keep kissing him.
But only in my dreams,
That is.
How delicate he is.
How warm.
How gentle.
How safe.
I can still feel him on my lips.
I can still remember how he felt.
The way he held me close.
The way I could feel him breathe.
I would always break a kiss
With a smile.
A smile so sincere.
So loving.
I hold onto those moments.
I keep kissing him
Inside my head.
Though the memory fades
But the box always finds a way
To reopen itself.
It resurfaces.
It’s like a spirit.
It takes me in its arms,
Holds me close.
“Don’t let go,” It says.
“Not over yet.”
And the kiss returns.
It plants a seed in my mind.
So every once in a while,
I return to that seed,
And water it.
With enough time,
It could be the most beautiful flower.

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