The Palace of Lost Toys♛

There’s a gate surrounding a palace not too far from here. Over enormous mountains and through eerie forests. In the depths of an island, sits a palace. The gates are draped in pearls and rubies. The most precious jewels, no one can resist. The palace is made of the most delicate porcelain. The outside is what lures the travelers in. 

Stepping inside, the palace engulfs them. Chandeliers are placed inside every room. The light bounces off each intricate crystal. The most beautiful anyone has ever seen. Though, the most beautiful can also be the most fragile. One touch and it would all come crashing down. 

The travelers explore the rooms inside the porcelain palace. The powder room, the dining room, the kitchen. Each distinctly different from the last. But none of them compare to the garden. 

The garden is a maze. A maze with no outlet. Instead of the beautiful tulips the travelers once saw, there sat toys. Nutcrackers, ballerinas, bears, super heroes, mermaids, and so on. The further into the maze, the toys come to life. The ballerinas chaîne around the travelers, the bears cling to their clothes. Forgotten. 

The center of the maze lay a pile ten feet wide and fifty feet tall.  A pile of all the toys children forget about when they grow older. A toy soldier falls from the pile. A ballerina has a broken leg. The happy family dolls split two sides of the pile. The travelers begin to run away. Jogging, then sprinting. Running as fast they can through the endless maze.  

There is a palace not too far from here with a garden as twisted as can be. A garden of lost toys no one wants to touch. 

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