A Letter to the Universe

A Letter to the Universe
You’re beautiful. Gorgeous, actually. You hold the fate of thousands of beings and guide us all into oblivion. I see you everywhere, in fact. I saw you in his eyes. I had never seen you so close, yet there you were. Millions of stars winking back at me. You are the most beautiful yet the most abstract painting. Most people do not understand you, so they spend their life trying to figure you out. Though, with everything extravagantly beautiful, comes the terribly ugly. You’re horrid. Disgusting. And most of the time, I hate you with every ounce of my soul. You take and you lie. You bring people together, just to tear them apart. You get people’s hopes up, just to watch them fall. You take things that aren’t yours and leave them when they are broken. You hurt people intentionally. You beat people down until they’re black and blue. Just as you did to the galaxy. You forced her to see all the ugly parts, yet she is also beautiful. And I guess that’s the best part… You don’t do it for your own personal gain but to teach someone. The true way of knowing is to feel it, to be in it. You knock people down so they can learn how to build themselves back up. You take things away so we know just how important that thing truly is and appreciate it when it comes back. If it comes back. Black and blue, she is. And stars are sprinkled about. It’s her reminder. Not a bad reminder, no. I guess it shows how far she’s come. I guess our scars are what makes us beautiful.

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