She came in like smoke. She filled my lungs and I couldn’t breathe. She tangles people up inside her fierce flames and won’t let go until they’re red. She’s red as red can be. She’s wrapped in lace and elegant silks. She presses red into his mouth and pulls out his heart with her teeth. 

You can run from Him for so long until Her takes his place. She’s so present. You can see her sinister smile from beyond the trees. You can feel her breathing down your neck. She takes you in her greedy little arms, but you don’t dare pull away. Her embrace is warm. You stay put as she attempts to dance with you. “Look in my eyes.” She sings. As hard you try, you can’t. For what’s behind those eyes is a cold blank wall staring back at you.  Temporary bliss. 

Red. Cut me open and let it all flow out. Red. Totally and utterly red.

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