My eyes were so heavy that they started to burn. Not quite like fire and tears are far from ice. More so; the ocean. The collision. It took me by surprise. How did I not know you went under? You speak of blood and what it would be like to lose that last breath. All at once, my heart is ripped from my body and my gut sinks in. My rib cage collapses and every bird is released from the cell. I become weak. My arms sink in and match my legs. Life without you? What a horrific sight. It’s a day on the beach with no sunshine. It’s a song with no beat. Please do not go. If there is one thing I have ever wanted from you, it’s for you to stay. Stay and fight. I’ll fight alongside you. There’s no way we could lose. 

Standing in the corner, a smile so sinister; the devil himself quivers in fear. Red and red and nothing but red. She takes you by the throat and doesn’t let go until you’ve finished the dance. How sickening she is. How sweet she is to your face but amongst the crowd; her words are like knives. She has the tongue of a snake. Red and Red and NOTHING BUT RED. SHE CRAVES THAT BEAM OF LIGHT YOU WERE GIVEN. SHE SLICES OPEN YOUR CHEST IN SEARCH OF SOMETHING FOR HERSELF TO KEEP AND GIVES NOTHING IN RETURN. YOU DONT DARE LOOK HER IN HER EYES OR YOULL TURN TO STONE. RED AND RED AND RED AND RED. RED AS CAN BE. THAT IS SHE. Behind your back she is red but to your face she is gray. And we all know that in the end she cannot stay. No. She makes her appearance and then swiftly disappears. And will reappear to dance once more when the music starts again. 

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