How to be a Princess ♛

Princess: The daughter of the leader in a monarch

**Though this definition may be true, the qualities of a Princess are

a little more complex than what meets the eye.**


Improve your personal style.             

IMG_4959  IMG_4926  IMG_4925

Practice humility.                  

   IMG_4927  IMG_4918

Dance like no one is watching.             

IMG_4651  IMG_4763  IMG_4656  IMG_4626

Be kind to others.              

IMG_4961  IMG_4902

Go out of your way to BRIGHTEN someone’s day.                    

IMG_4938  IMG_4882IMG_4887

Travel and explore.                

IMG_4930  IMG_4922

IMG_4936  IMG_4606

Practice good manners.                 

IMG_4607  IMG_4798  IMG_4913

Strive for the best in life.          


IMG_4916  IMG_4890

IMG_4739  IMG_4807


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